"It’s all Props, Poses and Paparazzi"

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About us

You’ve spend countless hours prepping and planning for your big day… don’t let it turn into the snooze-fest of the century. You definitely want everyone to remember your big day for all the right reasons.

We’ve all been to those events where, with a forced smile, we praise the host for ‘such an amazing event’… but, this is one event where your guests are actually going to mean it! You bring the people, we’ll bring the props… oh, and you’re going to love what happens next! PhotoBooth Montreal Rentals is going to capture your event in a way you never expected. You’ll be feelin’ like Brangelina walking the red carpet. Amp up your wedding celebration, pump up your prom, and add a lil cheer to your Christmas party or a splash of Oneg Shabbat to your Bar/Bat Mitzvah! And, it is actually possible to host a not-uninteresting corporate event with a little help from us!

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